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Enter POLO

PaperCraft On-Line Ordering (POLO)

PaperCraft On-Line Ordering (POLO)


  • Order entry and proofing
  • Order Tracking
  • Order History
  • Automatic Re-Order Reports
  • Inventory Control
  • Usage Reporting
  • Electronic Billing

POLOPaperCraft’s  On Line Ordering system;  A fully integrated e-commerce system designed to manage all your printing, branding and office supply needs from order entry to delivery.  POLO allows us to receive your order, manufacture custom printed products and deliver hassle-free!  This process virtually eliminates any opportunity for error and streamlines the ordering process by reducing the internal movement of orders within our organization.

How is POLO different from other e-commerce platforms?

Unlike most other websites with an e-commerce platform, POLO allows our clients to order and manage all their online printing, promotional products and office supplies.  Many offer one or the other but not the whole package in one!

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Enter POLO

Order custom reprints and corporate office supplies in one convenient location.

Online Ordering

Track your deliveries online using POLO.

Order Tracking

Manage your inventory using POLO.

Inventory Control

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