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Custom Letterhead

Custom Letterhead


  • Engraving
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Raised Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Private Watermarking
  • A4 size

We understand the importance of maintaining a professional appearance in all of your business communications. PaperCraft's custom letterhead can help you represent your business when you create one with us!

Why do I need a custom letterhead?

Your letterhead says a great deal about what your business represents. You want a letterhead that reflects your experience, your culture, and your image. Without one, your brand may be inconsistent or unmemorable.

What can I use a custom letterhead for?

Anything your company puts in writing.  Proposals, mass marketing, follow-up letters, invoices and more.  E-mail is fine for quick, informal messages but a quality custom letterhead in vibrant colors with your official logo makes your communication memorable.   Whether a large corporation or a small law firm, custom letterhead will reinforce your brand and enhance your credibility. With PaperCraft, you can provide us with your logo and design to keep your business stationery consistent.

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Engraving uses a plate or die; an image (or text) is cut into the surface of the paper, distinguished by plate marks.

Engraved Letterhead

Embossing and Debossing is an image (or text) pressed into the paper so that it lies above or below the surface.

Embossed Letterhead

Foil Stamping is a heated die stamped onto foil, making it adhere to the surface and leaving the image on the paper.

Foil Stamped Letterhead

Raised Printing is also called “thermography”. It lends dimension and brightness by creating a raised effect on images and text.

Raised Print Letterhead

Offset Printing is also called “Lithography” or “Flat Printing”. This can be best understood as printing with a traditional press.

Offset Print Letterhead

A digitally created image printed directly to a finished piece via electronic means.

Digital Print Letterhead

Private Watermarking embeds your firm’s logo into the paper creating a distinctive look and providing protection against fraud.

Watermarked Letterhead

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