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Sales Sheets and Flyers

Sales Sheets and Flyers


  • Full color, two-sided printing
  • Premium gloss coated, matte or satin finish paper stocks
  • Machine perforating for easy tear-off applications
  • Digital presses for short runs
  • High speed presses for long runs

A single sheet, custom flyer can bring your message home in a succinct, yet powerful way.

The impact you make on a sales call, at a trade show or with your mass marketing campaign can be greatly enhanced with a brightly colored sales sheet printed on gloss, matte or satin finish stock. Whether you're a realtor selling homes or a retailer promoting specials, the right sheet or flyer will inform your customer and inspire them to buy!

What is the difference between a sales sheet and a flyer?

A lot.  A sales sheet is just like it sounds--arousing curiosity, exciting your customer and motivating them to buy by highlighting specific products or services.  Whereas a flyer simply imparts information or makes an announcement.  The custom sales sheet contains bright colors on fancy stock.  The custom flyer is often a straight-ahead message with less color on a more subdued paper.

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High quality and product-promoting sales sheets available in all colors and sizes.

Sales Sheets

High quality and message-provoking flyers available in all colors and sizes.

Announcement Flyers

High quality and product-promoting sales sheets available in all colors and sizes.

Product Sheets

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