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Power of Paper in a Paperless World

By Bhavna Bhatia

Akin Gump Stationery Stuie
In a world where hard drives have replaced file cabinets, where kindles are the new paperback, where iPhones are the new newspaper, and where blogs are the new journals, has using paper become useless?

No. Even in the digital age, there are multiple uses for paper – magazines, legal documents, textbooks—but even these have electronic counterparts. There is one thing, however, made from paper that that cannot be replaced by electronics—business stationery.

When starting up a company, having some basic paper items are essential to establishing your brand and marketing yourself. These items include: business cards, custom letterhead, and branded envelopes—all paper, all the way.

Why is paper powerful?

• It’s memorable. Having a stationery piece with creative engraving on a thick and glossy paper, is visually appealing to the eyes. When senses are stimulated and people can touch and hold something
tangible, they are more likely to remember it.
• You can’t hide from paper. David Allen, author of “Getting Things Done”, describes paper as “in your face”, stating that paper cannot be hidden or forgotten the way that computer files can.
• It’s easier to read. When you are maneuvering through long documents, reports, brochures, company booklets, or anything that has different sections, it is easier to work through a document that is on paper with tangible divisions.

Having a quality paper piece can make the difference between a piece that gets thrown out and a piece that is kept and remembered. Even if you’re company is going digital for most of their document needs, there is just no non-paper alternative to your business stationery.


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